Price changes Microsoft Azure Storage


Effective immediately, Microsoft are lowering the price of Windows Azure Storage (from $0.15 to $0.14 per GB per month.)

Additionally Microsoft are now offering volume discounts, which will give high-volume customers additional savings.

All Windows Azure Storage customers will automatically receive the reduced storage price effective October 26, 2011. High-volume customers with regular usage are eligible for additional savings through the Storage Core Offer.

A breakdown of pricing discounts is listed below. Please note, the prices below are price tiers, not graduated prices. For example, if you store 400 TBs using the commitment offer your price will be $0.112 per GB per month for the full amount, not just the amount over 50TBs.

For prices above 5 Petabytes per month, customers are asked to contact Microsoft Education Account Manager for assistance.

For additional details on Azure and this offer, please click here.

Microsoft are thrilled to extend these price discounts following last month’s addition of geo-replication to Windows Azure Storage, which together provide the best value in the industry for cloud storage.


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