Are you teaching Android or iOS mobile development? Consider porting your apps…


Many institutions are already teaching existing Mobile Development curricula using iOS or Android, some of you are now considering or starting to develop and implement Windows Phone curricula. For those of you teaching iOS and Android you may be interested in the tools Microsoft has developed for porting iPhone & Android apps to Windows Phone. Microsoft has additionally developed the following resources which are helping support your teaching curricula. Additionally we hope the resources will allow you to easily demonstrate to your students the value of having applications in all the main vendors mobile application Market Places.

Earlier this month Microsoft announced new guidance based on migration samples and a SQLite to SQL Server Compact database conversion tool. I hope that these new items combined with our previous extensive guides (for Android, iPhone, and Symbian Qt) will accelerate your ramp up time and improve your teaching experience of porting apps from vendor to vendor. Read more at the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

Again if your teaching gaming development or have an existing application or game that you want to bring to Windows Phone 7.5? Microsoft has developed  a new series of videos where your shown exactly how to migrate these to Windows Phone, step by step. Each video has a corresponding code sample to help get you started.

  1. From XNA to SL XNA
  2. Adding FAS to XNA
  3. Adding FAS to a Typical Silverlight Application
  4. Adding Secondary Tiles NEW!
  5. Adding Background Agents NEW!
  6. Using a Live Camera Feed NEW!
  7. Using Push Notifications with Secondary Tiles and Deep Toast NEW!

Watch the series and get more information from and visit

For those of you, who are thinking about Windows Phone and mobile curricula we have developed a comprehensive Mobile Development curricula and resources at Microsoft Faculty Connection.

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