Curriculum on Game Development using XNA


This exciting and engaging computer science semester course enables students to apply a basic foundation in programming to create games using C# and Microsoft XNA Game Studio.


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The course guides you through the development of Games using Visual Studio 2010 C# combined with the Microsoft XNA framework which creates the XNA Game Studio – a professional game development environment for PC, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone.

Students will

  • Address social causes and real-world problems
  • Explore game and simulation development as communication and art
  • Apply knowledge of variables, conditionals, loops, object-oriented programming, recursion, and data structures to game creation.

The free curriculum package includes

  • Teacher Roadmap
  • Daily lesson plans
  • Demonstration projects
  • 14 video tutorials
  • 22 lab assignments and solutions
  • Student activities
  • Assessment tools with keys and exemplars


Game Development with XNA: Semester 1 - Teacher Roadmap

Game Development with XNA: Semester 1 - Part 1 Basics

Game Development with XNA: Semester 1 - Part 2 Games for All

Game Development with XNA: Semester 1 - Appendix

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