NAO’s Robotics European Tour


If your interested in Robotics and using Microsoft Robotics studio in your teaching then your going to be interested in attending the NAO’s European Tour.


The NAO tour aims to demonstrate how a humanoid robotic platform can be beneficial to teachers and researchers willing to attract students to scientific curriculum.

On the tour you will be able to take part in short practical workshops exploring computer sciences, mathematics, physics, mechanics, kinematics, and electronics with NAO. So lets make the curriculum exciting with NAO and Microsoft Robotics Studio so attend one of the sessions and learn how NAO is used as a teaching platform from High Schools to University meet teachers and researchers who have adopted NAO and learn from their experience and skills.

Discover a complete teaching solution that stimulates creativity, problem-solving and team-working. Find out the tutorials for STEM classrooms developed by teachers. Research labs are using NAO to explore areas such as human robot interaction, humanoid motion, localization and mapping, cognition, learn about research projects where scientists benefit from NAO.

Register now and attend the half day workshop FREE of charge

Birmingham  Oct 11th 2011

Manchester Oct 12th 2011

Edinburgh Oct 13th 2011

Wrexham Nov 2nd 2011

London Nov 3rd 2011

Dublin Oct 20th 2011.

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