Windows HPC with burst to Windows Azure – Code Samples now available



Windows® HPC Server 2008 R2 SP1 enables administrators to increase the power of the on-premises cluster by adding computational resources in Windows Azure.

With the Windows Azure “burst” scenario, various types of HPC applications can be deployed to Windows Azure nodes and run on these nodes in the same way they run in on-premises nodes.

Were please to announced the availability of a selection of code samples which can be download for free, the samples include:

  • Parametric sweeps
    • CPU spinner
    • Image rendering on Renderman files (console client)
    • Image rendering on Renderman files (Windows Phone 7 client) - New!
    • BLAST - New!
  • SOA
    • Square Service
    • Asian Options service
    • Word-association service - New!
  • MPI
    • Pi (π) Calculator - New!
    • Tachyon ray-tracing - New!
  • Excel
    • Asian Options UDF

The download also includes the AzureBlobCopy utility that is mentioned in the paper. This utility helps you copy files to and from Azure Storage, Azure Nodes, and on-premises computers.

Note: Code samples that were added in the September 2011 update are denoted as "New!". MPI samples are supported on Azure Nodes that are deployed on a Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 cluster that has Service Pack 2 installed.

There are also technical articles which provide technical overview of developing HPC applications that are supported for the Windows Azure burst scenario. The article addresses the application models that are supported, and the data issues that arise when working with Windows Azure and on-premises nodes, such as the proper location for the data, the storage types in Windows Azure, various techniques to upload data to Windows Azure storage, and how to access data from the computational nodes in the cluster (on-premises and Windows Azure). Finally, this article describes how to deploy HPC applications to Windows Azure nodes and how to run these HPC applications from client applications, as well as from the Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 SP1 job submission interfaces.

Download the files

The links in this section correspond to files available for this download. Download the files from below or visit

File Name Size 60.0 MB Download 130.0 MB Download
WindowsHPCBurstToAzureApps.docx 379 KB Download
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