Its that time of year when IT Departments are rolling out software updates, how are you fixed for software?

So its that time of the year when IT Departments around UK institutions are rolling out software across the various PC clusters and teaching labs the question I have is,  do you have the most appropriate software available?

Many UK Institutions have MSDN Academic Alliance


So if you do have MSDNAA make sure your using the subscription effectively.  MSDNAA is great facility for providing software to all your labs and clusters. MSDNAA offers your department, school or faculty with Microsoft professional level software and also an amazing value add for your students as MSDNAA allows them to install operating systems such as Windows 7 and development tools Visual Studio Ultimate onto their personal PC’s.

For all students and specifically Primary and Secondary school we have Microsoft DreamSpark so please make sure you sign up your school for DreamSpark.


DreamSpark offers so much software and for FREE to all students undertaking studies.

The image below only shows some of what is available for full details see



We have also updated Microsoft Faculty Connection resources with lots of FREE curriculum resources.

For example
XNA for game development
Expression Studio for web design courses
Small Basic

Microsoft offers lots of FREE resources so please do take advantage.

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