Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – August Update

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The Windows Azure Platform Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that are designed to help you learn how to use the Windows Azure platform, including: Windows Azure, SQL Azure and the Windows Azure AppFabric.

August 2011 Update

The August 2011 update of the training kit includes the following updates:

  • [New Hands-On Lab] Introduction to Windows Azure Marketplace for Applications
  • [Updated] Labs and Demos to leverage the August 2011 release of the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • [Updated] Windows Azure Deployment to use the latest version of the Azure Management Cmdlets
  • [Updated] Exploring Windows Azure Storage to support deleting snapshots
  • Applied several minor fixes in content

You can download the updated Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – August 2011 Refresh from download centre or view online now on the Windows Azure Platform Training Course on MSDN.


The important take away is that in the Hands-On Lab will take an application through the full provisioning process. This is extremely valuable if your looking to publish your applications into the Windows Azure Marketplace.

Hands-On Lab Details

There are five exercises in the Hands-On Lab:

  • Exercise 0: Understanding a SaaS Subscription Scenario
  • Exercise 1: Modify your Application to support Windows Azure Marketplace Subscriptions
  • Exercise 2: Register the Application in Windows Azure Marketplace and Test Subscriptions with the Dev Playground
  • Exercise 3: Add Support for Unsubscribe messages
  • Exercise 4: Learn how to Publish in Windows Azure Marketplace, Explore the Finished App

You can take a look at the SaaS application live in the marketplace:


The Windows Azure team are always looking to make improvements to updates and releases so if you encounter any bugs or have any problems, please send us feedback at: Additionally, if there’s additional content you’d like to see in the training kit, please let us know on the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit Forum – you’re feedback is highly valued.

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