Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games


Microsoft are pleased to announce the release of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games

This toolkit is a preview but will allow you and your students to quickly get started building new social games in Windows Azure.

The toolkit includes the following assets

1. Accelerators

2. Libraries

3. Developer tools

4. Samples

The toolkit also includes specific services and code to handle capabilities unique to games, such as storing user profiles, maintaining leader boards, in-app purchasing, and so forth. In addition to releasing the toolkit, we have also teamed with industry innovator Grant Skinner and his team to create a game called Tankster.


Tankster is built with HTML5 and comes complete with reusable service-side code and documentation. It also supports a variety of social interactions including messaging, wall posts, and comments while player achievements and game stats are presented on a live leaderboard so gamers can interact with each other.

For more information please visit the following

Windows Azure Team Blog: Build Your Next Game with the Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games Social Gaming on Windows Azure

Channel 9: Social Gaming on Windows Azure

CodePlex: Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Gaming


Comments (2)

  1. Lee Stott says:

    Some really interesting Analysis of Social Gaming can be found in the following survey 2010 Social Gaming Research by Information Solutions Group

    Objectives of the survey

    –Determine the percentage of US and UK Internet users who play social games at least once a week.

    –Understand the game play behavior and preferences of social game players.

    –Create a profile of the typical social game player.

    Link to the results of the survey

  2. Lee Stott says:

    Dec 8th 2011 Update announced to social Gaming Toolkit…/78216

    Release Notes

    This is the first drop of the 1.2.0 branch of the social games toolkit. This version contains bug fixes and several performance enhancements.


    Bug Fixes

    Fixed memory leak issue in Worker Role

    Added IoC (Autofac)

    Updated WCF Web APIs to Preview 6

    Updated to jQuery 1.7.1

    Organized folder structure of MVC app

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