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Small Basic Updates:

After more than two years of pre-release versions of Small Basic, which has been available to all Academics and Students via Microsoft DreamSpark we are finally releasing the 1.0 version.

For Schools and institutions wanting to teach or introduce students programming Small Basic is the ideal product. Additionally Small Basic now has access to number extensions from our friends at the TeachingKidsProgramming website. TeachingKidsProgramming provides free courseware to introduce kids (ages 10+) to programming. New in this compatible release of the Small Basic Fun extensions ( is a recipe '(m)adLibs' which you can use to introduce the MVC pattern to your kids. It includes several new objects, such as a Viewer and a Parser to support teaching of this pattern.

Small Basic 1.0 released:

o Added language support (for a complete list of languages, go here)

o Updated setup and version info

o Fixed string resource issues

o New EULA – Small Basic is no longer labelled a ‘Pre-Release’ product

Updated Small Basic site on MSDN, MSDNAA and DreamSpark:

o New UI with a cleaner look

o Less “Kid’s Corner” branding

o Hosting licensed 3rd Party content from 3 E-books on Small Basic (English only)

Localized teaching curriculum:

o Curriculum PPTXs now translated to all languages (except Icelandic)

o Ongoing project as most languages still have English screenshots & images

Small Basic Adoption:  Small Basic continues to thrive around the globe.  We have strong interest from Gulf Region, Russia, India, East Asia, etc so expect to see more features and upgrades.

Small Basic Links:

Small Basic 1.0 Blog Announcement:

New Small Basic Home Page on MSDN:

Small Basic Teaching Curriculum in 18 languages:

E-Book content licensed for use on MSDN:

If you haven’t installed Small Basic yet, please give it a try.  Perhaps you can use it to introduce a young person you know to the joys of programming.

Some Quotes:

· “Personally, I can't image my life as a high school Computer Science teacher without SmallBasic…” (Teacher)

· “… the import feature alone saves me countless hours of prep time -- I would like to see that kind of cloud integration in all IDEs in the future…” (Teacher)

· “This is exactly what we need.” (Academic)

· “We couldn’t compete in the K-12 space without it.” (Academic)

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