Robots – Using NAO and Microsoft Robotics Studio


NAONAO, Aldebaran's humanoid robot for STEM education, is now available for use in education.

The 22-inch-tall robot can see, hear, speak, move, walk, dance, play soccer, recognize faces and objects, understand what is said to him, localize sound, and speak seven languages, and is currently being used in more than 350 schools and universities to teach classes including math, robotics, and computer sciences.

Exploring STEM with NAO is a fascinating experience. Here are a few examples of lectures and labs  that educators can easily implement in classrooms with NAO:

Introduction to Robotics
What’s a gear?
What’s torque?
What’s mechatronics?
Technology and society, ethical issues...

Introduction to Computer Science
Basics of programming
Architecture of Information systems
Initiation to Game theory

Sensors and physical quantities measurement
Transfer of energy
Motion and forces
Study of the ultrasounds
Speed and Kinematics
Study of the physical properties of Light: NAO’s infrareds
Optics: NAO’s vision

From continuous functions to motion animations
Geometry and trigonometry: placement and distance
Equations, calculating distance
Logics, Reasoning and proof
Probability and Statistics

Choregraphe is the programming software that lets NAO users create and edit movements and interactive behaviours with complete simplicity. The intuitive graphic interface, the library of behaviours delivered as a standard feature and the advanced programming functions satisfy the needs of novices and experts. Everyone can compose their own behaviours by a simple drag/copy from the library or else create their own boxes and save them in their personal library.

Choregraphe accepts Urbi and Python language, so it can directly call C++ modules developed separately. It comes with many detailed examples to simplify the learning process. Choregraphe is 100% compatible with Microsoft Robotics Studio which allow you to test behaviours in custom environments with one or more programmable in Python and C++, and ships with a software development kit for more information on Microsoft Robotics Studio click here.

Nao is 100% .Net Compatible and NAO's API can be accessed from a remote PC using any language supported by the .Net Framework version 2 or above including C# and VBScript. With auto-completion and integrated help, it makes communicating with your NAO easy from popular windows tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Aldebaran Robotics has decided to help ambitious educational projects that embrace Robotics  if your interested in this opportunity you can apply for the Aldebaran Educational Partnership Program

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  1. NAOqi says:

    Since 2011, the situation has changed. Aldebaran has released a new version of the robot NAO. It called NAO H25 (V50). Now the question of compatibility with .NET is not so obvious. Downgrade to the previous version of the software on the new hardware is not possible..…/nao-1224-os-1508

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