Kinect Gestures toolkit and library


Microsoft David Catuhe’s work is too brilliant not to shared so if your interested in Kinect SDK Development then you need to check out David’s Gestures and toolkit library for Kinect at

David has also produced the following codeplex project

Details of the library:

1. Gestures

· SwipeGestureDetector class will allow you to detect simple gestures (such as swipe to left or swipe to right)

· TemplateGestureDetector will allow you to detect gestures using templates:

The class can record templates and save them in a file used by a learning machine. With this learning machine, the system try to detect one of the recorded template in the current list of positions.

You can see on the UI the list of used templates:


2. Postures

PostureDetector allows you to detect simple postures such as:

· Hand over head

· Hello

· Hands joined

3. Skeleton stability

BarycenterHelper class can detect for you if a skeleton is stable (not moving). With this tool, you can detect wrong gestures produced by a moving skeleton

4. Debug and replay

· To help you debug, the library includes a record/replay of skeletons frames. With this tool, developing with Kinect is much less sportJ

· The library can also paint current saved positions for gestures detection


For further details and full code samples see

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