Windows Phone Mango Beta – Update Guide for Windows Phone 7


The Beta version of the new Mango (7.1) update for Windows Phone 7 has been made available to all registered developers which will also allow you to push the update to your WP7 device.

For those of you wanting to get the Mango BETA update on your academic teaching and learning phones, please read the following post, the intention of this post is to ensure that you are in a position of being able to discuss the opportunity and enhancement of Mango within your teaching curricula.

I must stress this is a Beta release and as such there will be NO upgrade path to future releases of Mango. Therefore please ensure that this isn’t your primary device as you  will need to restore your phone to a supported state before being able to install the final versions of the product.

So what the process of installing the BETA

Backup phone

1. Back up your phone. You want to make sure that you can quickly get it back to a supported state ASAP should it run into difficulties or require to update the device to the final version.

Ensure you phone is backed up prior to running the update simply use backup/restore app provided on

NB: When you do this restore, you will loose any of the changes you’ve made to your phone, this will include app installations, music added, game scores, photos, videos etc.

After your restore you will need to reinstall all previous installed apps from the MarketPlace you will NOT be charged for them again, but you may wish to note down the apps you have installed.

Install the Beta2 SDK

If you have previously installed the Beta1 SDK then you need to now go to your “Control Panel” > “Programs and Features” and uninstall that SDK.

Visit the download page for the SDK and download and read the release notes.

NB: Please ensure you read the T&Cs and notes.

Download and run the vm_web2.exe link

You will now have the  Beta2 development tools for  WP7 app and the Emulator, this is excellent for your curricula notes and assessments.

Invitation from Microsoft via email

So if your already a  Microsoft Registered developer via Microsoft DreamSpark you will have received an email from Microsoft Connect  inviting you to download the update. If your NOT a registered developer then simply register via DreamSpark this will then give you access to the tools to get your phone updated.

Installing the tools

You will also need to update Zune along with other supporting utilities and the all important update instructions.

NB: Please ensure you read update instructions

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