Kinect for Windows SDK beta UK Academic Event 21st June 2011


This morning Microsoft UK are holding a special event for the UK Academic community on the Kinect for Windows SDK! Its been an awesome day so far and.. I will be blogging more about todays event and presentations.

Kinect SDK Beta Launch Content

Microsoft has produced over 4 hours of Channel9 Live content that includes developer talks, demos from Code Camp. For those of you whom were unable to attend todays event you can watch the Kinect for Windows SDK launch at where you can download all the sessions and slides.24 hours prior to the event hosted a Code Camp with 30+ students, pro devs, hackers and enthusiasts who all built projects on top of Kinect.


Coding4Fun’s Kinect Project Gallery !


Coding4Fun Toolkit

A handy developer API for things like converting a byte array to a bitmap for Windows Forms and WPF or getting the distance of a particular pixel in one line of code. 


Kinect for Windows SDK VB Samples

All of the SDK samples have now been ported over to Visual Basic Express


Kinect cursor

Brian Peek built an awesome Windows cursor that includes click and click/drag support


Kinect Paint

A fun, Metro-esque designed paint with your hands app (Drawing the word “cool” with a “caffeinated” apperance) from Evan Lang and Laurent Bugnion.



Clint’s awesome Kinect-enabled drivable Lounge chair!


Kinect for Windows SDK Quickstarts

Six short and sweet demo heavy videos showing how to use the Kinect for Windows SDK

Installing and using the Kinect Sensor


Setting up your Development Environment


Camera Fundamentals


Working with Depth Data


Skeletal Tracking Fundamentals


Audio Fundamentals


Quickstart Samples Download

Other Interesting examples and links


Kinect Beta Launch Live Event


Kinect Beta Launch On-Demand Sessions

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Coding4Fun Kinect Project Gallery

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Kinect Project Post - Welcome Post

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Kinect Project Post - Kinect SDK Beta Now Available

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Kinect Project Post - Light Saber project

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  1. We had a fantastic morning and lunch with over 80 Academics, researchers and students at a special event

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