Microsoft Biology Foundation 2.0 Beta 1 Release and Coding Contest



The Microsoft Biology Foundation (MBF) team is looking for the best bioinformatics and genomics application built on MBF 2.0 beta 1. Biologists have a chance to enter to win an Xbox 360 4 GB console with Kinect by registering their MBF 2.0 beta 1 based application by July 15, 2011

MBF 2.0 beta 1, a language-neutral bioinformatics toolkit built as an extension to the Microsoft .NET Framework, helps researchers and scientists work together and explore new discoveries. This beta release provides significant updates, such as:

  • Increased capacity for de novo assembly of larger and more complex species than V1
  • New comparative assembly functions for characteristic genetic diversity within or between species
  • Core object model improvements for a smaller memory footprint and increased parallel processing

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