The development of Windows Phone applications in academia

“Phone Apps” are fast becoming a huge growth market and I know many UK institutions are looking to how to incorporate mobile development within the academic curricula.

Additional for Windows Phone development many vendors and partners are now looking at how to develop mobile apps for Windows Phone based on XNA, Silverlight, HTML5 and .NET technologies. This has resulted in a demand for developers with these skills sets..

This opportunity will no doubt only get bigger with the recent announcement of Windows 8 and to help academics, researchers and the development community understand Microsoft’s future technologies the Build Conference has been created. The Build conference will take place 13th – 16th of September 2011 and as UK academic, administrator or researcher you will receive and educational discount for attendance.


Additionally with Microsoft DreamSpark, the student and academic community can get for FREE the same tools professional developers and designers have, and additionally allow students and academic to upload Windows Phone applications and the ability to sell mobile applications via the Windows Phone MarketPlace.


Using DreamSpark means you also get a FREE Development App Hub account waiving the $99 registration fee and giving you the first 100 application submissions for free.


We have additionally supported academics with curricula resources via the Faculty Connection resources site. The Faculty Connection resource allows you to download an entire curricula on Windows Phone Development and we have provided numerous additional resources for academics wishing to teach Microsoft development Technologies and software to to students.

We have additionally built numerous video and online resources aimed specifically at Windows Phone developers for example you can watch Rob Miles from the University of Hull, screencast containing a step-by-step demonstration of the process to upload your first Windows Phone 7 application to the AppHub.

The AppHub contains a vast amount of information and FAQ on how to develop for Windows Phone. simply visit


We really look forward to hearing about your implementation of Windows Phone development.


Finally if you would like to share your experience or discuss the opportunities of Windows Phone development within academia or working with potential vendors on student projects and applications. Please don't hesitate to get in touch via the Faculty Connection UK Linkedin Group.

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