Microsoft Faculty Connection–Registration for Faculty only curricula


To download software from the Faculty Connection site or to access faculty only material in the Faculty Connection Resource Center a faculty member will need to become verified. What this means is the person will need to submit proof they are a faculty member and not a student.

There are two options to accomplish this:

  • The first option is to submit any of the following information (to a company called e-academy who works with Microsoft to validate the faculty):
    • A link to the school's web site showing their name listed as a faculty member.
    • A copy of their current faculty ID.
    • A letter from the school that shows they are a current faculty member.
  • The second option involves the use of a Personal Invitation Code. This code is generated and is given to a faculty member to use when they follow the verification process.

If you try to download software or faculty only material you will see a Get Verified Now! button.


As you follow the process they will get to a screen that allows you to either enter the Personal Invitation Code or click the Manual Verification link. (See screen shot below.)


So if your a UK academic and interested in faculty only material contact us via the Faculty Connection Linkedin Group and simply ask for a Personal Invitation Code.

Comments (1)

  1. Hi Lee,

    I'm not really a faculty member, but I'm very interested in some teaching material regarding Windows CE and embedded editions. If I join your LinkedIn group, would it be posible then to get and invitation code and get verified ? Thanks and Regards!

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