WP7 Marketplace Reaches 15,000 Apps and has NO Signs of Stopping.. are you starting to think about WP7 Curricula?


The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has now over 15,000 applications.

Total Apps In Marketplace

Apps By Category

Free vs Paid

Total Apps By Price

Huge thanks to Sreenu Bojja http://www.wp7appexlorer.com for the graphs.

This is amazing news as a little over six weeks ago, we were celebrating 10,000 apps in the Marketplace. Just think about that: 5,000 new apps in six weeks.

Windows Phone 7 was growing pretty rapidly before, but MIX '11  definitely had to be a strong influence on developers and the opportunity of Windows Phone 7 application development.

Additionally Student resources such as DreamSpark now provide students with a FREE AppHub accounts and the ability to upload 100 Free apps and a unlimited number of chargeable apps. The number of app created by Students have really increased the adoption of Windows Phone 7 development.

With the release of Mango the Windows Phone 7 apps will be getting a huge overhaul, with help from the new Mango toolkit as the next update provides tighter integration between the OS and apps than ever.

Additionally for academic’s wanting to teach Windows Phone 7 within their curriculum, Microsoft has released a number of curricula resources which are available to freely download from the Microsoft Faculty Connection. There are additionally lots of Free advice, guidance and best practice available from Microsoft AppHub Site.

So it's the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon!

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  1. sreenu says:

    Today I saw couple of articles saying marketplace reached 15000 app milestone. That’s exciting news. Marketplace leapt from 14,000 to 15,000 apps in only 8 days, accelerating from the 10 days it took earlier to grow by 1000 apps and reaching the milestone in only 26 weeks and faster than the iPhone App store, which needed 27 weeks to cross the same line. This is pretty cool. But still I doubt why & how the numbers are going up? So decided to do a brief analysis on apps uploaded after April 1st.


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