Photosynth App for Mobile Devices

Microsoft are happy to announce the release of the new Photosynth app for mobile panorama creation and sharing. 

The Photosynth app is a significant step forward in mobile imaging technology.


The Photosynth app allows you to capture 360° panoramas in all directions (up, down, left, and right) and create spectacular images that our competition simply cannot achieve. With the latest in computer vision techniques, developed in concert with Microsoft Research, Photosynth focuses on making creation easy and fun with a wealth of sharing options.

The Photosynth Apps has a number of sharing models including the ability to share images directly to Facebook. Additionally the App has deep ties into for sharing interactive panorama experiences. 

What is really exciting for HE is the Photosynth App has the opportunity for users to now “Publish to Bing Maps”, making their panoramas eligible to show up on both the map (with the Photosynth map app) and directly on an associated University Intranet and Web pages. 


Here’s an introductory video that covers the app:

Key Features:

  • See your panorama take shape as you capture them with Interactive Capture
  • Look and capture in all directions with Full-Sphere Panoramas
  • See the final panorama right away with fast On-Device Processing
  • Sharp, high-resolution results with the Advanced Image Stitching Engine
  • Panoramas are always available to view and share from the On-Device Library
  • Zoom, pan, stretch, and view in landscape or portrait with our Immersive Viewer
  • Save your panoramas and view them online at

Sharing Options:

  • Share to Bing Maps to see your panoramas throughout Bing on business detail pages and right on the map itself
  • Share to Facebook with images or interactive panoramas
  • Images are also available to any app from the Camera Roll

Our initial release is for the iOS platform, but we are also working with the Windows Phone teams to bring this technology next to our own platform. 

We encourage everyone to give the app a try (or at least check out the above video) and browse a few example panoramas:

· Museum of Flight

· Japanese Gardens

· International Space Station

· Volunteer Park Conservatory

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