Announcement from MIX11 in regards to Expression Studio and Silverlight

At Mix, today we there has been some exciting announcements:

  • Silverlight 5
  • Mango, the next major version of Windows Phone.


Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5

Available immediately with the beta of Silverlight 5 is the Blend Preview for Silverlight 5, an early-access preview version that installs side-by-side with Blend 4 and enables you to use Silverlight 5 together with Expression Blend.

This version of Blend does not explicitly add new authoring features, but several features of Silverlight 5 (such as, for example, new typography options) light up in the property inspector

Expression Blend for Windows Phone Mango

At Mix, they also demo a new service pack for Expression Blend with support for Mango. This service pack will be available later this year.

SketchFlow Templates for Phone Prototyping

Finally, in response to popular demand, Expression will present a new set of SketchFlow templates for prototyping Windows Phone applications in Silverlight.

These templates will not enable you to run SketchFlow prototypes on the phone, unfortunately, but they make it a lot easier to prototype phone applications to run in Silverlight:

Expression will provide screen templates with phone chrome on a project screen (switchable from landscape to portrait), and a wide variety of the specific components known from the phone, such as panorama and pivot, as well as mock-ups of many of the pages of the phone chrome.

So if your lucky enough to be attending MIX11, attend the Expression presentation on Thursday (“Creating Windows Phone Applications Using Expression Blend”, 1:30pm)

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