Students and Windows Phone 7 Apps

Amazing story relating to Tech Student and  tuition funding 

As part of the adoption of Windows Phone 7 by the student community, there are currently four student developers who have Free Apps in the worldwide Top 50 list on Microsoft App MarketPlace.

These students and their apps are listed below.  




Jake Poznanski

Kill the Duck



P. M. Software

Word Search

Jake Poznanski

The adoption of Windows Phone development within UK HE has been great with a number of Universities now teaching Windows Phone 7 App development including XNA gaming module.

What is great news is that two students within the US have published 10+ apps and through advertising have already earned over $12K.  Talk about solving the tuition challenges! Microsoft has additionally commissioned the following case study below which has been created to encourage more students to develop applications on Windows Phone 7.


Case study of Jake Poznanski and the development of Windows Phone 7 Apps

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