Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 Starter Pack Get your teams ready

    This blog has a whole host of information specific to the UK Imagine Cup, that will allow you to get started in preparation for your submission for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017. Who can enter the Imagine Cup? Any University student in the UK can enter the Imagine Cup! Whether you are in your…


Creating my first ChatBot using Microsoft Cognitive Services and Python

Guest Post by Microsoft Student Partner Kai Alan Du, Hacking My 1st Chatbot With special guest: Microsoft Cognitive Services Hi everyone my name is Kai but some people call me by English middle name, Alan . I am studying Computer Science at Imperial College London. I am passionate about hackathons, games, drawing and using Photoshop….


Azure Batch Shipyard

Azure Batch enables you to run large-scale parallel and high-performance computing (HPC) applications efficiently in the cloud. It’s a platform service that schedules compute-intensive work to run on a managed collection of virtual machines, and can automatically scale compute resources to meet the needs of your jobs.+ With the Batch service, you define Azure compute…


Python and DataScience

Python is very mature and robust and has a large and vibrant community. One of the great things about Python is libraries exist for pretty much anything So within UK education Python is used for Web development Databases Text processing Scientific computing Image processing Machine Learning System management Gaming… One of things I have seen…


Microsoft Azure Data Science Virtual Machine with Theano and Keras

  Dependencies Before getting started, make sure you have the following: Azure Data Science Virtual Machine Deep Learning Toolkit CUDA 7.5 (link) Python & Anaconda already pre installed on the DSVM  Compilers for C/C++ already preinstalled on the DSVM GCC for code generated by Theano Visual Studio already preinstalled on the Windows DSVM The data…


Implementing an Agile Methodology for managing your Institutions Data Science Processes

Microsoft’s Team Data Science Process (TDSP) is an agile, iterative data science methodology to deliver predictive analytics solutions and intelligent applications efficiently. The intention of TDSP is aimed to improve team collaboration and learning. TDSP is a distillation of the best practices and structures from Microsoft and others in the industry that facilitate the successful…


Microsoft Virtual Academy FREE training on Cortana Intelligence Suite

Join us on Microsoft Virtual Academy on Tuesday December 6th 2016, from 9AM – 4PM Pacific, for an exciting look at the Cortana Intelligence Suite (CIS),The “Cortana Intelligence Suite End to End” session will be taught by Microsoft Architects Todd Kitta and Jin Cho, and promises a hands-on day with the platform. During the online…


Deep Learning Toolkit on the Data Science Virtual Machine

  Deep learning is behind many recent breakthroughs in machine learning applications, including language translation with Skype, which was recently named one of the 7 greatest software innovations of the year by Popular Science, and speech recognition, where Microsoft recently achieved human-level parity at conversational speech. On the 1st of Dec we will be launching…


Microsoft Cognitive Services now available in

Microsoft Cognitive Services are is now generally available as a service in the Azure portal at Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of APIs that lets developers build intelligent apps by tapping into high-quality vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search technologies using Python, Node, Javascript, C# and other languages. The Cognitive Services APIs have…


Saving your Azure $ by auto shutting down your services

As you all know I love talking about the Azure DevTest Labs environments. These prebuilt VMs and service environments are so perfect for education. They provide a full self-service sandbox environment in Azure which allow you to quickly create Dev/Test environments while minimizing waste and controlling costs. So as an academic or IT team you…