Microsoft Azure Stack Development Kit

Last month I shared some details around Azure Stack at  Azure Stack in teaching and Learning Follow the journey of academics and students at ROC van Amsterdam in the Netherlands learning Azure with Azure Stack where the team recently had a skype call with Azure Stack Team as part of the General Availability…


The definitive guide to the coding interview

Guest blog by Andrei Margreloiu Microsoft Student Partner at University College London About Me My name is Andrei Margeloiu and I’ve been a competitive programmer for the last five years. I’ve participated in the World Finals of Google HashCode, the largest algorithmic competition organised by Google, and before that, I won three Gold Medals in…


Microsoft Flow the Concept - Industrial Project Summary

  Introduction Microsoft Flow is a newly developed software service by Microsoft. It acts as a platform that enables automated workflows to be setup across different services and applications. Flow helps users automate essential but repetitive tasks so that they can utilise their time more efficiently. Earlier this year I set a project to a…


Getting Started with Data Science using Cortana Intelligence Solutions Templates

Cortana Intelligence Gallery Reference architectures for common data science scenarios are now available via the Cortana intelligence solution templates. These templates allow you to quickly build Data Science Solutions from solution templates which include reference architectures and design patterns. They  can be used to enhance and adapt your current models and solutions or to replicate…


Using External data with Azure Jupyter Notebooks

One of the vital requirements for academics is to provide a single data set to allow all there students to utilise for undertaking experiments. By hosting data on a Blob Storage account you can allow students connect and undertake experiments using Azure Jupyter Notebook  in a pretty straight forward manner. Data can be uploaded…


Open Source at Microsoft

Thousands of Microsoft engineers use, contribute to and release open source every day across every platform, from the cloud to client operating systems, programming languages and more. So if your struggling finding repos at there is now a search feature built into the site which also lists the top trending repo. Popular projects…


How to Set-up and Host Your Own Website with an SQL Server on Azure for Students

Guest post by James Tavernor, Microsoft Student Partner from Imperial College London About Me Hi, I’m James, I’ve just completed my first year studying Joint Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College London. I’m from Cheshire, as well as enjoying programming and video games, I’ve also played the piano from a young age and picked…


Docker Containers and Windows

Docker Containers So for many students containers are a new learning opportunity and experience. Having new and modern skills is great to addition to your CV. Some students may be already using containers in personal, hobby projects or even academic assignments. The following blog has been produced with Elton Stoneman Developer Advocate @docker. Microsoft MVP….


Hands-on Introduction for Getting Started with F# in the Browser using

Guest blog by Jin Yun Soo Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College About Me Hello, I am Jin. EnJineering is my tonic. I study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, and have been involved in tech education and outreach through teaching children and teens coding. I am also a student champion/volunteer at the…


Moving workflows to Visual Studio Code

Since its inception two years ago Visual Studio Code has proven itself to be a remarkably versatile and adaptable editor. Its availability across Windows, Mac, and Linux also makes it appropriate for a number of different workflows that developers may have previously used terminals, editors, or IDEs for. This article explores a number of alternative…