Imagine Cup 2017 Campus Marketing Materials

      Be part of it! The Imagine Cup is only a few months away and you can be part of it. Get inspired by our UK Finalists and the 2016 Worldwide Winners, then see how you can get started with your application for the Imagine Cup 2017. But it doesn’t stop there. In…


Where does the Microsoft Intelligent cloud fit into your curriculum

    Microsoft has a number of advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities which are available for Academia to use within Teaching Learning and Research here a quick run down of these and what types of roles may utilise these services within the Work Place. Microsoft Cognitive Service Interface and Target Personas REST APIs (pre-built models)…


Getting Started with Microsoft Hololens Resources & Links

  Homepage:  (  Vision Video: Hardware: Non official Site but has some great videos etc: Commercial Suite (and comparison to DevEdition): Hololens Administration/Management Topic Description HoloLens in the enterprise: requirements Lists requirements for general use, Wi-Fi, and device management Set up HoloLens How to set up HoloLens for…


Hololens Resources and Demos

Here are some useful resources for getting started Development environment for HoloLens Link to ordering page for HoloLens There is no discount for academia or for bulk orders. An example of Hololens / Skype: Royal College of Surgeons: Here is an example of how Japan Airlines are looking at Hololens:…


Azure Cloud–GPU for DataScience and Academic Activities such as Cloud Rendering

I am really excited in the way some UK Universities are using Azure GPU Cloud services, back in Dec 2016 we announced the general availability of the Azure N-Series. GPU Cloud Compute services.  The availability of Cloud GPU was certainly a interest point for students, academics and researchers and I had a number of UK…


New Features in Microsoft Flow

  Microsoft Flow is a product to help you set up automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more. The first step is to sign up, or, if you already have an account with Microsoft, you can directly sign in on your tablet, your desktop computer,…


MSFTImagine Guthub resources for Academics and Student getting started with Azure

  We now have recorded versions of some of our workshop content from GitHub (https://github/msftimagine/computerscience) on Microsoft Virtual Academy The following modules include hands on content: • Azure Storage and Cognitive Services (–17033?l=HIEitbPND_406218965)• Azure Machine Learning (–17033?l=qdSkbePND_7806218965• Azure Stream Analytics and the Internet of Things–17033?l=ehbJHgPND_6206218965)• Azure Containers and Docker (–17033?l=A0uXKhPND_5606218965) For each topic you…


Microsoft Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform product that enables organisations to deliver Azure services from their own datacenter

  This week I got into a discussion around Data Centre strategy. The institution in question, where this happened are presently defining a new strategy on datacenters. The institution is presently considering a cloud option but one of their key requirements is that they maintain an on premise datacenter. During the discussion I simply made…


Migrating data between different cloud providers

I wanted to share a few options to how you can easily migrate data between various cloud providers such as Google or Amazon to Microsoft Azure. For various reasons, many customers want the ability to easily and efficiently move data from other providers or services such as  Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3) to…


Azure Machine Learning Cheat Sheet

Guest blog post by Microsoft Student Partner Shravan Nageswaran from Imperial College London.  Shravan is currently studying for a Joint Mathematics and Computer Science degree at Imperial College London. In my spare time, I do a variety of things, especially play drums and piano, compete in the Model United Nations, swim, read, and play basketball….