Getting started with Windows 8 apps development – comprehensive links and resources (Updated)

   For a comprehensive collection of resources


 Download this document - Windows 8 store style apps development resources



  For similar Windows Phone apps development resources - please refer to my previous blog post



  Thanks to Raj, Harish, Pali, Sudhir and Rama for their reviews and valuable feedbacks.

  To all the app developers, hope this helps you build quality apps for Windows 8 platform. Your comments and queries are welcome!

Comments (3)

  1. Snehadeep says:

    I have a feedback. every where in MSDN documentations and also this pdf link above, they refer to project type "winmd" . But i think this project type doesn't exist in RTM. Which is the right team to pass on this feedback to fix the msdn documentation.

  2. ujjwalk says:

    Hi Snehadeep, thanks for feedback. Well winmd is NOT a project. It stands for Windows Metadata.

    "When you compile a Windows store style app that's written in C++, the compiler generates the executable in native machine code, and also generates a separate Windows metadata (.winmd) file that contains descriptions of the public Windows Runtime types, which include classes, structs, enumerations, interfaces, parameterized interfaces, and delegates. The format of the metadata resembles the format that's used in .NET Framework assemblies. In a C++ component, the .winmd file contains only metadata; the executable code resides in a separate file. This is the case for the Windows Runtime components that are included with Windows. (For .NET Framework languages, the .winmd file contains both the code and the metadata, just like a .NET Framework assembly.)"


  3. Indy says:

    Great collection of resource Ujjwal, hope to see you blogging more 🙂

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