MVP Open Days 2011@Microsoft IDC Hyderabad

MVP Open days 2011

Ten years ago, I was an under grad student studying Information Technology. At times I used to do some freelance application software development. And I liked talking to people from the software/IT industry to know what’s happening around. About this same time, summer of that year, I met Suresh Behera.


“Suresh bhaiya” as I use to call him, then worked in a small company on web technologies. Though I met several software professionals before, I could instantly feel the difference. His passion for technology stood out amongst all those who I met before. And that was not it; he was amongst the country’s first few software professionals who Microsoft recognized as MVP – “Most Valuable Professional”1. 

He was the one who introduced me   to .Net platform and mentored me for the next year and half. He also mentioned, to remain competitive one should not only master the desired set of technologies but should also learn about other platforms. Though I continued to write applications using C++ for next couple of years, I also learned Java and I was at advantage of knowing .Net framework. Nearly five years back I got opportunity to join Microsoft and then I realized the importance of what I learned from Suresh bhaiya.


So, a couple of weeks back when Tulika asked me to deliver talks at MVP open days 2011, I was really excited.

MVPs are not only geeks in their field; they also reach out to thousands of software/IT professionals & consumer communities and enable them with the knowhow of Microsoft platform/technologies. I owe to MVPs, both as an individual and as Microsoftee. And I knew it was going be a great experience, meeting MVPs and discussing technologies.


MVPs at Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad 2011




This year’s MVP Open Days were held at Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad. Several technical sessions, casual discussions and couple of parties were organized during this event. From Microsoft Hyderabad, program managers and developers from the product team delivered sessions. From Microsoft Bangalore, Aviraj, Manas and I presented on six topics. I got the opportunity to deliver on three very interesting and hot topics.


1. My first talk was on “NUI with Kinect and Surface”.

clip_image008 clip_image010 clip_image012

             CUI                                         GUI                                              NUI

clip_image014              clip_image016           clip_image018 

    Kinect + Xbox                     Surface – Horizontal                Surface - Vertical

Natural User Interface or NUI is a paradigm shift to how we interact with machines.


In this session I talked about NUI and how Kinect and Surface plays key role in transforming from GUI to NUI.


I also talked about some of the major components like touch, voice, gestures, intuition and innate abilities.

2. My second talk was on “Windows Phone 7 application design


In this session I talked about the Windows Phone7 design language "Metro" and how it was derived from transportation graphics.

 Later I demonstrated the design tool - Expression Blend and designed a quick animation based Windows Phone7 application using PhysicsHelper library and Farseer physics engine published on codeplex.  






3. My third and last talk was on “Azure Compete”.


                   Abhishek Kant and Ujjwal Kumar

This was another interesting and very interactive session. I talked about Microsoft Windows Azure and its competition with other platforms like Amazon,

clip_image031      Ujjwal Kumar’s Azure Compete session

Google etc.


It was even more exciting as couple of product group members from Microsoft IDC also joined this session, delivered on a Sunday!                                                      


“MVP Open Days 2011”, was not just about technologies. Abhishek Kant and Abhishek Baxi made sure that everyone attending or delivering sessions at this conference had lots of fun. Day 2 there was Paintball and Day 3 we had gala dinner. To make things even more interesting, several fun events/games were organized. Two dance groups also performed on stage. We also celebrated Niraj’s marriage anniversary which happened to be on that day.

I got to meet and know all the remarkable MVPs and I look forward to collaborate further with Niraj, Dhananjay, Vijay, Uditha, Omkarnath. It was great to know fellow speaker and colleague Manas, community program manager Abhishek Kant and Abhishek Baxi. Thanks to Tulika for co-coordinating with Abhishek and providing this opportunity. And thanks to Saby & GPS team/management for their great support.


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  1. Uditha Bandara says:

    Hi Ujjwal,

    grate post and nice meet you at MVP open day .



  2. Devesh Kumar says:

    Nice one sir!!

  3. ujjwalk says:

    @Uditha: Thanks! and it was nice meeting you as well. Your XNA posts are super cool 🙂

    @Devesh: Thanks!

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