Technical session series – 1. Application Development for Windows Phone 7

In my current role @ Microsoft, I deliver several technical sessions. Below is the agenda for technical talks on application development for Windows Phone 7.

Ujjwal Kumar Technical session series

Application Development for Windows Phone 7


Day 1 Overview  - Introductory

Ø  Getting Started With Windows Phone Development

·         Hardware Specifications For Windows Phone 7 (WP7)

·         Application Platform Overview For WP7

·         Isolated Storage For WP7

·         Security For WP7

Ø  Market Place For WP7

Ø  Windows Phone Developer Tools

·         Using The Visual Studio IDE For Windows Phone Projects

·         Using Application Project Templates For Windows Phone

·         WP7 Emulator

·         Introduction To Silverlight And XNA Framework For WP7 


Day 2 Designing Application For Windows Phone – Introductory/Intermediate

Ø  UI Design And Interaction Guide For Windows Phone 7

Ø  MVVM for Windows Phone 7 applications

Ø  Microsoft Expression Blend For Windows Phone


Day 3 Building Applications For Windows Phone 7 With Silverlight – Introductory/Intermediate

Ø  Silverlight On Windows Phone 7

Ø  Building First Silverlight Application

Ø  Control Events

Ø  Execution Model For Windows Phone

Ø  Frame And Page Navigation For Windows Phone

Ø  Windows Phone Themes And Styles

Ø  Handling The Hardware Back Key

Ø  Application Bar And Orientation Aware Pages


Day 4 Advance Development For Windows Phone 7 With Silverlight – Intermediate/Advance

Ø  Application Lifetime Events And Tomb-Stoning

Ø  Using Launchers And Choosers

Ø  Startup And Shutdown Times

Ø  Touch On Windows Phone 7

Ø  Gestures And Manipulations

Ø  Using The Accelerometer

Ø  Windows Phone Services And Cloud – Push Notification


Day 5 XNA Framework Based Game Development With Windows Phone – Introductory/Intermediate

Ø  Screen Display In XNA

Ø  XNA Games And The Windows Phone OS

Ø  Understanding the XNA Game loop

Ø  Creating XNA Games On Windows Phone

Ø  Managing Display Orientation

Ø  Using Accelerometer With XNA

Ø  XNA Media

Ø  XNA Sprites


* In case you are interested to know more about “Application development for Windows Phone 7”, feel free to contact Ujjwal Kumar

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