Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra – A Passage to Patna: Breaking New Ground in Bihar


विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद् याति पात्रताम्।

पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम्॥

"Knowledge gives humility, from humility, one attains character;
From character, one acquires wealth; from wealth good deeds (righteousness) follow and then happiness"


Dream Spark Yatra (DSY) is a Microsoft India initiative, empowering students who are passionate about technology to get an insightful overview of the current trends in the software industry. This was the second time I delivered a technical talk at DSY. My first talk at DSY was on “Application development for Windows Phone 7” in Bangalore.


DSYs are special for both the attendees (students) and Microsoft. They are special because of the in-depth talks on the latest technologies and the sheer number of attendees, which is usually over a thousand.



With BIT, IIT & NIT Patna students




Attendees: 1000+ engineering students


Although Bihar has produced several engineering stalwarts in the past, there were very few engineering colleges of national repute. These days, however, students no longer have to leave the state to receive a high quality education.

In Patna itself, three engineering colleges, IIT, BIT and NIT, have come into existence. However, until now, a connection with Microsoft was still missing.


DSY at BIT, Patna was even more special because it happened for the first time in this part of the country. Over 1000 engineering students from IIT, BIT and NIT participated in this mega event.


Microsoft’s direct connection sparked a new zeal and passion for technology amongst the participants. Their enthusiasm and the glow in their eyes after the session deliveries provided a truly rewarding experience for all the speakers.


Ujjwal lighting up the Lamp with

Dr. Janak Pandey, VC,

Central University of Bihar


Dr. Janak Pandey, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Bihar and Mrs. Smita Pallavi, research fellow at BIT Patna, enlightened everyone with their keynotes and inaugural talks. Then followed the full day core tech talks:

         i.            “Microsoft Robotics developer studio” & “Windows Embedded” delivered by  Ujjwal, Partner Consultant, Microsoft

        ii.            “XNA based game design” delivered by Vignesh (4th year engineering student, Amity college of Engineering, Noida & national level finalist at Microsoft Imagine Cup, 2010)

      iii.            “WebMatrix” by Vishal Gupta (Alumni, BIT Meshra, Ranchi)

Devesh (Microsoft Student Partner – MSP) and Pooja managed the stage, while Rashmi & Abhishek managed the back stage and took care of the audience throughout the day. All of them are BIT Patna engineering students and their contribution was par excellence with full passion, dedication & professionalism.

Robotics & Windows Embedded sessions

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (MSRDS)



MSRDS provides a unique platform for Robotics enthusiasts, academicians, students and professionals to build and test robotics applications.

During this talk, I showcased MSRDS Simulator and several pre-programmed robots, environments. Later, I explored the architecture and explained the underlying key components – DSS, CCR, VSE and VPL.

I also included some of the major Robotics work being done at premier universities across the globe and talked about how MSRDS was incorporated in their projects.

I concluded this session with several demos and couple of videos.

This session had tremendous response from the attendees; we had close to 45minutes of Q&A after this session.

Windows Embedded



In this session, I talked about the enormous opportunities, importance and advantages of Windows Embedded and its various flavors – Win CE7, WES7, WE Automobile and WE POS.

Further, I explained the Windows Embedded platforms and the related development tools.

I also described the ebox-3310a-msjk configurations, features and mentioned how it can be used to build some cool embedded system applications.

There were some interesting questions around the hardware, processors and how Windows Embedded can be configured / used.

This session also received great response from the audience as we had a mixed batch of Comp Sc, IT, Electronics and ECE branch engineering students.







certificates to winners of coding competition (students from IIT and BIT, Patna) held before DSY. The competition was organized by Vishal and facilitated by BIT Patna’s DSY organizing team.


A lot of Kudos go to the hosts and organizing team (students from BIT, Patna) – Devesh (MSP), Rashmi, Pooja, Abhishek, Himansh (MSP from Bhopal) and Microsoft DPE Academia team.

BIT Patna students were great hosts; I never felt being away from home throughout my stay. In fact, I watched the World Cup cricket finals in the guest house on April 2nd. It was an amazing experience to watch the Indian team winning the world cup after 28 years. DSY Patna experience on April 3rd was equally exciting, even more gratifying.



Received memento after the session


Feedback from the BIT Patna, DSY organizing team & hosts


“Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra - Patna 2011 - the first DreamSpark Yatra ever done in Bihar - was an event which made us put our minds and soul. The Event helped us in spreading technical skills amongst amateur students, organizing which has been a lifetime experience.

It was an overwhelming experience to have Ujjwal Kumar - Microsoft (India) addressing the crowd and enlightening them about different developing technology in Robotics Developer Studio & Embedded area. The session was an unique experience for all the attendees (1000+) with really great combination of videos, informative links and in terms of the nature in which he directed us in this field.

Also, everyone was surprised by the skills of Vishal Gupta - Founder & Chairman (MSTC) and Vignesh Mukund - Team Leader Digital Alchemy - IC 2010 Game Design Semifinals.

In short, Everyone got more than they expected!”




Patna DSY Team and speakers

From left to right:  Abhishek, Ujjwal (Speaker, Microsoft), Vignesh (Speaker), Vishal (Speaker), Pooja, Rashmi, Devesh (MSP), Abhishek, and Himansh (MSP)

Further details about DSY Patna event -


In case you are interested to know more about Robotics or Windows Embedded or queries/comments regarding this article, feel free to reach out the author. 


- Ujjwal Kumar

   Partner Consultant II


* Thanks Farhad for your help in editing this post!

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