Debug Monitoring Tool

In Building a recipe application using Vista and .NET 3.0 (Part IV: ThumbnailProvider interface) I reference the DBMon.exe tool, and state that it is located in the Windows SDK, however, as of the lastest Windows SDK: Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit Update for Windows Vista™ (released 3/22/07), DBMon no longer ships in the SDK. I…


Security Integration of SharePoint 2007 and Community Server 2007

Although I’m certainly not a SharePoint expert, MSDN just posted an article I authored that shows how to cleanly integrate the security model between these two platforms using ASP.NET Roles. I put this together for the Office team from something that came out of a need for our team:


“Linkifying” a String

I had a need to create a string “Linkify” function for a web site that I am working on; a function that takes a string, parses it for URL’s, and replaces those URL’s with HTML anchors. The end result is when the string is passed to a web client it would allow the user to browse…


Creating a “TagFilter” Web Part that interacts with pages in SharePoint 2007

Abstract Becoming familiar with SharePoint 2007 web parts, CAML and implementing a custom web part that interacts with a SharePoint page’s CAML. This article also covers setting up a development environment, building, deploying, installing, and debugging a web part and includes a project linked at the bottom. Intro It is our teams’ goal this year…


Communicating A Message

I’ll let Hans focus on expanding upon some of the geekier details of some of the demos he’s working on. Which will give me an opportunity to switch things up a little bit and discuss some of the overall concepts of how to go about designing a great demo. Perhaps one of the most important…


Windows Vista Contacts.NET API

I’d like to draw attention to Contacts.NET available on CodePlex. I had a need to work with the Windows Vista Contacts. There are native API’s, but alas I am now a .NET developer. I thought that I was going to be forced to brush up on my C++ to wrap the API’s yet again after I gave up searching in vain (yes, on…


Building a recipe application using Vista and .NET 3.0 (Part IV: ThumbnailProvider interface)

ThumbnailProvider interface The ThumbnailProvider interface is new to Windows Vista and enables thumbnails to show up in a beautiful 32-bit color, 256 x 256 pixel resolution. This sample’s ThumbnailProvider implementation, doesn’t show much above and beyond what Mike Taulty’s blog showed with the exception of: –          Support for images pulled from the internet or local…