Windows Vista Contacts.NET API

I'd like to draw attention to Contacts.NET available on CodePlex. I had a need to work with the Windows Vista Contacts. There are native API's, but alas I am now a .NET developer. I thought that I was going to be forced to brush up on my C++ to wrap the API's yet again after I gave up searching in vain (yes, on both Live and Google). I gave it one last chance and contacted the Windows Contact team. I was pointed to the CodePlex site, and was ecstatic to find that this work has already been done. Incidentally if you haven't taken a look at the CodePlex site, I highly recommend that you do. CodePlex is: “Microsoft's open source project hosting web site."  The site contains literally thousands and thousands of projects, and Joe Castro has just recently posted the .8 release of Contacts.NET that wraps the Windows Vista Contacts Native API's. His code provides a full set of managed API's to create/manipulate Windows Vista Contacts, including source, and it also contains an AddressBook sample that shows how to utilize the API's. Obviously Joe has spent a lot of time to make this a very robust fault tolerant API, with support for importing/exporting vCard files and even the ability to read/write custom text and binary data to contact files. Thanks Joe! I'm a happy camper!

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