Flash Swag: Windows Vista Build 5472 DVD

We have reached our limit. All the DVDs are gone. If you replied before 8:00 AM PST on Thursday, August 10th with your mailing address you should receive one. (Please do not send mail to the blog owner requesting a DVD, there are no more to give out.) We hope to do more giveaways in the future so stay tuned.

I have a few DVDs left that I want to share with UAC blog readers so that you can see the progress on the prompt reduction work we’ve been doing since Beta 2. This build also has the new ActiveX Installer Service.

The first 75 people who send e-mail to [deleted] with their mailing addresses can get a DVD and product registration key. These copies expire May 31, 2007. We will not use your contact information for any other purpose and will delete all e-mails as soon as the DVDs are distributed. If you already have access to this build through one of the beta programs, please don’t request one of these DVDs so that someone else can get one.

Thanks to everyone for reading and for your comments. We hope to do more giveaways in the future.

- Alex

Comments (12)

  1. compugab says:

    I send a mail to secswag at microsoft dot com from http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsvistasecurity/archive/2006/08/08/691448.aspx.

    Is it ok?

  2. windowsvistasecurity says:

    Everyone, please remember to include a mailing/shipping address so we know where to send the DVD. Requests without an address will have to be ignored.

    – Alex

  3. SaravanaKumarPaulraj says:

    Is it still there??

  4. Compugab says:

    When will we know if we are accepted?

  5. My website is still in planning stages. If the DVD’s are still available, I would love to try one. Thank you.

  6. windowsvistasecurity says:

    There are still some available for readers of this blog.

    compugab, you need to send your mailing address, please request again to the UACswag email address

    We will not be able to follow up with each person to let them know if they will receive one or not. Just check your mail box in about a week.

    Also, do not post contact information as comments in this blog. It will be deleted to protect your privacy.

    Thanks, Alex

  7. compugab says:

    Does it mean I miss it if I send my info at the old address?

  8. User says:

    Sounds tempting. But I first need to know two things:

    Is Vista stable enough for a dual booting system? Paul Thurrott assures this, but you never know with betas… So that I can select XP from the boot menu for actual work, and keep Vista as a toy to test stuff? Paul Thurrott showed me that if you put in on a empty partitition, it will show a boot menu to choose. I assume that still stands. I can stand bugs in the user interface, but Vista MUST not screw XP in any way. Otherwise, ill rather wait for the finished version, or a later beta version like RC1. And obviously, there must be no bugs that make vista unbootable.

    How long is the offer good for? Or how long do you estimate that?

  9. windowsvistasecurity says:

    There are about 20 copies left so act now. You need to send email to the alias, not as a comment (Paul).

    Yes, dual booting should would very well. Just setup the empty partition in XP. Then kickoff the install in XP. Then when you install point at the new partition.

    When you boot you will have to choose which OS to boot to.

    – Alex

  10. windowsvistasecurity says:

    In addition to my previous comment about dual booting, it is much less risky than doing an updgrade. But there is always the potential with a beta OS that is could cause wider instability. So, if you do not want to take any risks with your production laptop I would not install it–even as a dual boot.

    – Alex

  11. User says:

    Did I send my mail in time? In my time zone, it was the night of 9 th. But a different time- PST- makes me unsure. Did you receive it, that is?

  12. Paul Young says:

    Please send me an email when the next build is released.  I downloaded Vista Ultimate Build 5384.  Would like to download Build 5472 and later.  Send email to PYoung2302@hotmail.com.  I will also be checking Vista Blogs and this Blog.


    Mr. Young


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