Built-in Administrator Account Disabled

Darren Canavor, Program Manager on the UAC team has made a post on the Windows Vista Security blog about changes to the behavior of the built-in Administrator account: “In Windows Vista we made numerous changes to our user account model. Standard users are now the default user type for new accounts created after initial setup….


Elevations Are Now Blocked in the User’s Logon Path

Hi, Jim Hong, Program Manager on UAC, here again to tell you about a new change in the UAC user experience coming in RC1. Applications that start when the user logs on and that require elevation are now blocked in the logon path. Without blocking applications from prompting for elevation in the user’s logon path,…


User Account Control Virtual Lab

The TechNet team has a released a virtual lab that lets you get some experience with User Account Control even if you haven’t installed it on any of your machines. And if you have Windows Vista installed, the tutorials can help you learn about User Account Control in a more structured way. My only caveat…


Flash Swag: Windows Vista Build 5472 DVD

We have reached our limit. All the DVDs are gone. If you replied before 8:00 AM PST on Thursday, August 10th with your mailing address you should receive one. (Please do not send mail to the blog owner requesting a DVD, there are no more to give out.) We hope to do more giveaways in the…


Administrator Marking for Command Prompt

Besides reducing the number of prompts, one of the top requests we’ve gotten is a way to identify whether a window (particularly Command Prompt) is running with reduced privileges. If you asked for this, too, you’ll be happy to know that when Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 comes out you’ll be able to tell. When…