TechNet Webcast: Limiting Administrator Privileges with User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista (Level 200)

Thanks to everyone who joined the chat last week, we hope you found it helpful. On Tuesday July 25th at 9:00 AM PST we will also host a live Web Cast on how User Account Control can help deploy desktops as a standard user. This Web cast is indented for IT pros and will cover the general capabilities of User Account Control. Hopefully, if LiveMeeting behaves on Windows Vista we will be able to show you some demos of the File and Registry Virtualization and the new ActiveX Installation Service.

Webcast description:

Companies today face a difficult trade-off: Is it better to deploy PC users as administrators and accept the high security risk, or to limit user privileges, which has implications for application compatibility and user productivity? User Account Control (UAC) in Microsoft Windows Vista helps solve this problem by allowing standard user accounts to perform common tasks like adding printers and changing the time zone, while also improving application compatibility. This webcast covers the benefits of UAC, UAC architecture, how to administer UAC policy settings, and how to control device installation for standard users. Join us to get the background you need to start planning your Vista deployment with standard user privileges.

 You can sign up at the Events and Webcasts site. We hope to see you there.

- Alex Heaton 
   User Account Control Product Manager

Comments (6)

  1. Steve Mullen says:

    The date is Tuesday, July 25, 2006 not July 15.

  2. UAC says:

    Fixed, thank you Steve! Actual date is Tuesday July 25th.

    – Alex

  3. Gordon Fecyk says:

    I have to admire the confidence of the UAC team.  If nothing else, you could always install Sun Java on it and use the Java client if the Windows client doesn’t work.

    Look at it this way:  It would be a successful demonstration of UAC if LiveMeeting installed and ran.

    /me gets a kettle of popcorn ready

    Seriously.  Why even say such things on this blog?  "If LiveMeeting behaves," indeed.  Either the UAC team or the LiveMeeting team, or ideally both, should have tested this by now before announcing a webcast.  This might demonstrate a sense of humour, but it is not the kind of message you want to send to prospective attendees.

  4. Alex says:

    Most of the LiveMeeting functionality is working great on Windows Vista, but sometimes when I try to share out the desktop to do demos it doesn’t work. 9 times out of 10 it woks fine, but I had trouble in my last Web cast so I just want to set expectations. But I would rather give it a shot, expecting it will work, than not try to show a demo. I don’t see any shame in pointing out things that are still not working perfectly on the beta versions.

    – Alex

  5. One again I was scanning the news when this article caught my eye. It discusses the complexity of trying

  6. One again I was scanning the news when this article caught my eye. It discusses the complexity of trying

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