Terry Zink’s Rule of Free Stuff

Terry Zink’s Rule of Free Stuff, as applied to the Internet: If you give something away for free, people will abuse it.


What to do if you’re blocked by 88.blacklist.zap

One of the common questions I get through the feedback form on this blog is what people should do if they are blocked by the 88.blacklist.zap list when they attempt to send a message protected by Forefront Online Security. If you are blocked, send the bounce message to delist @ frontbridge dot com (removing all…


What to do if you’re blocked by Hotmail

One of the things I often get asked by people who email me are requests for help.  The specific request is that the person is sending mail to Hotmail but the messages are not getting through to the recipients email inboxes.  Our divisions, Hotmail and Exchange Hosted Services, are separate but here are some of…


Useful tips for customers

I believe that this information is also available on the Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services site, but I thought I’d repost it here. When making spam submissions, copy the original headers from the email (in Outlook, right-click the message and select Message Options) and forward the message, pasting in the headers at the top of the…


Where is this spam coming from?

I recently got an email question from a reader asking about where spam is coming from, that is, who is the originator of the spam message?  The reader was a little confused about the header information, so below is a quick guide to interpreting email. Basically, the sender of the spam is the last IP address…


Internet spam cops threaten anti-spam vendor

Internet spam cops threaten anti-spam vendor     By Stan Beer    Thursday, 20 July 2006 Australian anti-spam vendor TotalBlock Pty Ltd has been threatened with a service shutdown by its Internet Service Provider (ISP) after being wrongly accused of sending spam. “People Telecom emailed us to say they had received numerous reports of spam activity…