Abstract art and the Final Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem

I think I finally thought of something relevant to cybersecurity and my last post on why we should study art. This may be a stretch, but read on and tell me what you think. Every once in a while, a newbie to the world of fighting spam comes into one of the discussion lists or…


I am thinking of starting a podcast

For several months now, I have been thinking about starting a podcast – Terry Zink: Security Talk (which coincidentally happens to be the name of this blog). I’ve been toying with this idea since summer of 2014. I’ve put it off because I am not sure I have enough content or if I want to…


I had a magic performance a couple of weeks ago and I decided to develop a new routine. I have never before performed this trick before. I like it because it is very heavy in sleight-of-hand and misdirection which are some of my specialties. Enjoy! (Clicking image takes you to YouTube, does not play inline……

One advantage of life in the cloud

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently went to Taiwan with my wife to visit her parents and extended family. And as I said in my previous post, I was really underwhelmed by the promise of “life in the cloud”. However, there is one big advantage – when I take pictures with my…


It turns out that the NSA can “jump the air gap”

In case you missed it, the other day news broke indicating that the NSA could spy on you using radio waves, that is, even if your computer was not connected to the Internet. From CBS News: The New York Times reported that the technology, used by the agency for several years, relies on radio waves…


Humor–Opinions on Internet Privacy

I saw this  a few months ago and meant to post it back then, so I am posting it now. Via XKCD.    

Humorous, or not-so-humorous, cartoon on the roll-out of healthcare.gov

I found the following cartoon today on Reason.   If you’re not familiar with the situation, the US government rolled out a website, healthcare.gov, where people can go to sign up for health insurance which is mandated for individuals before the end of 2013 (not sure if that still applies or the deadline has been…


4 Reasons to Stop Freaking Out About the NSA

With all the chatter recently about NSA revelations and how they are spying on everyone, I found this funny video on Cracked that made me laugh a few times. I thought you all might enjoy it, too. 4 Reasons to Stop Freaking Out About the NSA — powered by Cracked.com


What I’ve been up to lately – my Kickstarter project!

As I wrote about a week and a half ago, I haven’t written a lot about antispam and security so far in 2013. But I haven’t been idle. No, instead I have been working on another project – launching a project on Kickstarter! And my app is going to be awesome! I’m combining great writing,…

Hanging around Buenos Aires

For the last bit of December 2012 and the first part of January 2013, my wife and I were traveling in Argentina and Chile in Patagonia, the southern part of the country. The final two days were spent in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. I didn’t have many expectations of the place before I…


IT Gangnam Style parody from F5 networks

I found this Gangnam Style parody from F5 networks yesterday entitled “IT Style.” I found it entertaining, hope you do, too, techies.  

Do you know this guy? The troll? Internet Explorer fights back.

For years, Internet Explorer has been maligned as the browser that trails the others (Firefox and Chrome). However, to its credit, IE 9 and 10 has always performed very well in security tests, beating its rivals. Competition has resulted in three good browsers. But yet, Internet Explorer gets no love. Microsoft is aware of this…


Today is my 8-year anniversary of fighting spam

Today is my 8-year anniversary of fighting spam.  It was July 12, 2004, that I got the job at Frontbridge as a spam analyst and we headed down to Los Angeles for 4 weeks of training.  Here’s a recap of 8 general trends that have happened since then: Image spam – In 2006, there was…


Evolution of the antivirus industry

I found the following elsewhere on the web.  I bumped up the original dates in the graphic by 3 or 4 years.