Podcast episode 4 – Why do spammers spam?


This podcast is episode 4 of the Terry Zink: Security Talk podcast. It’s based upon a blog post I wrote 15 months ago.

Description Why do spammers do the things they do? Don't they know they are annoying everyone in the world with their constant electronic noise? It turns out that their behavior is explained with the Moralization Gap - the idea that there is a discrepancy between the harm we as people cause to others, and how much harm we *think* we are doing, and how we as victims believe we have been wronged and require restitution. This mismatch between our own self-serving biases and unfilled expectations of fairness is the Moralization Gap. I take a look at this as well as ways to overcome it.


22 minutes
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The Terry Zink Security Talk podcast episode 4 - Why do spammers spam?

Original blog post

Why do spammers spam? I try to explain it using the Moralization Gap

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