Podcast episode 3 – The psychology of spamming.


This podcast is episode 3 of the Terry Zink: Security Talk podcast – The psychology of spamming.  It is a podcast version based on a presentation I did at the Virus Bulletin 2010 conference in Vancouver, and also a series of blog posts I wrote on it.

Description Why do people fall for phishing scams? Don't we all know better? Well, sort of. We all have biases that are hardwired into us by evolution, and these traits are useful. However, there is a mismatch between the environment in which our cognitive biases evolved and society in which we live today; spammers take advantage of this. I take a look at which types of emotions spammers evoke, and how to fight back.

32 minutes
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The Terry Zink Security Talk podcast episode 3 - The psychology of spamming

Original blog posts

The psychology of spamming blog series

Part 1 – How our brains work

Part 2 - The Limbic system, cognition and affect
Part 3 - External factors that influence our decisions
Part 4 - Why we fall for scams
Parr 5 - Solutions
Part 6 - The Flynn Effect

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