I am thinking of starting a podcast

For several months now, I have been thinking about starting a podcast – Terry Zink: Security Talk (which coincidentally happens to be the name of this blog). I’ve been toying with this idea since summer of 2014.

I’ve put it off because I am not sure I have enough content or if I want to put the work into it. I don’t write that much on my blog anymore, so by what logic do I think I can maintain a podcast?

But I keep thinking about it so I obviously want to do it.

The theme of the podcast will be similar to this blog except that I will go a bit deeper into certain topics about security, discuss psychological aspects of why people fall for scams, and I hope to interview guests from across the Internet about security.

I’m in the process of pulling things together. If I do it, I commit to make at least 2 podcasts.

Stay tuned!

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