An interview with William Binney, former NSA analyst and whistleblower

A few days ago, I posted my notes on Keith Alexander’s talk at MIRcon about the NSA. Today, here’s a blog post about the opposite point of view.

Yesterday, I came across an interview with William Binney, a former NSA analyst who resigned from the agency in 2001. He is a whistleblower who, unlike Edward Snowden, did go through the proper escalation channels when he felt that he found things that the agency was doing that was against the US constitution.

The interview is on Dan Carlin’s Common Sense podcast. I listen to Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast and it is very good, but I just discovered his Common Sense podcast. You can listen to the interview here:

If you’re opposed to what the NSA is doing in terms of data collection, you will no doubt agree with Binney and his views he discussed in the interview. He is very much against what the NSA is doing.

If you’re not opposed to what the NSA is doing, you will probably disagree with what Binney says.

Finally, if you’re a fence-sitter, you probably won’t hear that much to sway your position beyond what you have already heard in the media, news outlets, and other blogs.

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