A whole slew of security reports

If you’re looking for something to read, say, the latest trends on Internet threats, I have a whole bunch of them here for your online perusal. I’ve gone through them and I have a highlight from each of them:

  1. Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report, Volume 13 (3 MB)
    Microsoft’s semi-annual security report, it reports on threats and data against all of its services including spam, malware, drive-by downloads and breaks out the data into geo-locations.
  2. M-Trends 2012: An Evolving Threat (Mandiant) (4.3 MB) (registration required)
    A short (15 page) report that highlights some of the threats seen in the industry: how hackers get in, how malware is delivered, and so forth. Lots of pictures and easy on the eyes.
  3. Commtouch’s Internet Threats Report, October 2012 (1.1 MB)
    An embedded slideshow about the latest threats that Commtouch sees: Malware, Spam, Web trends and Zombies.
  4. Trustwave’s 2012 Global Security Report (7.2 MB) (registration required)
    Similar to Mandiant’s report above, but more data driven.
  5. Verizon 2012 Data Breach Report (3.3 MB)
    A data-heavy description of data breaches and threats.
  6. APWG Global Antiphishing Survey, 2Q 2012 (1.5 MB)
    The Antiphishing Working Group’s quarterly report on phishing trends.
  7. Sophos’s Security Threat Report 2013 (2.3 MB)
    Getting a jump on next year, Sophos’s covers Java exploits, OS X threats and the long tail of targeted attacks.
  8. Panda Labs Quarterly Report, June – Sept 2012 (621 kb)
    A quick summary of the various threats – mobile, messaging and malware.
  9. Internet Identity’s eCrime Trends Report, 3rd Quarter 2012 (808 kb)
    One of this reports highlights is its discussion on the DNS Changer Working Group.

There is a lot of overlap between them: Mobile malware is growing; traditional malware is still a threat; and as consumers move to other platforms, criminals follow them.

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  1. A good summary. Thanks for putting this together.

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