Spammers’ Aid

A couple of months ago, Microsoft Sweden launched a program called Spammers’ Aid. This is a program (created and provided by Microsoft?) that is designed to help spammers reform their ways.

The idea is that since spam is continually decreasing in email and spammers are finding it more and more difficult to get their mail delivered into the inbox, why not use the skills they acquired while spamming (sales and marketing, tech skills) and apply it for good?  This program teaches them how.

Check out the video below.

It’s a noble effort although the more cynical of us might say that spammers will simply change mediums – instead of email spam, move to social network spamming or malware creation.

But better this program than nothing.

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  1. Despite reading your introduction, which sounded sincere, and watching half the video, I STILL wasn't certain if this were genuine or humorous. I watched it again, and decided that it was genuine. I am cynical too. But I am also impressed at the effort made. It isn't the sort of thing that receives publicity, nor is it typical "corporate good citizenship" material, even though it could be. This is a compassionate effort by Microsoft Sverige, to help people and address a global annoyance (to say the least).

    Maybe you'll consider doing a follow-up post? Provide an update on how things went at the event in late May, or any other sort of outcome from Spammers Aid? I would like that a lot!

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