MAAWG updates its name

If you’ve been to the MAAWG web page lately, you may have noticed that they have updated their name and logo:


The big change is the expansion from a focus primarily on spam to spam, malware (on computers), and mobile malware.

I wrote back in October 2009 that MAAWG was evolving; it wished to update its name to reflect it’s not just about spam, but spam and malware which encompasses rogue antivirus, black search engine optimization, DOS attacks, and so forth.  This name change solidifies where the industry was already moving.

You can also see how this blog has changed along with everything else.  When I first started writing back in 2006, it was mostly about spam.  Now I write about malware, mobile malware, black SEO, DOS attacks, security policies, and so forth.  It’s a natural evolution.

So how do you pronounce this new M3AAWG?  I look at it and say “MAAWG cubed”, “MAAWG” (i.e., no change), or “M-Cubed Og.”,

Then there’s my personal favorite, “M.Q.-Dog.”  I’ll go with that.

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