Why it’s important to read the Terms and Conditions

I’m watching the first episode of South Park Season 15 on the web (viewer discretion advised… serious viewer discretion).  It’s the one where Cartman and Kyle, and everyone else, get iPads.

Kyle decides not to read the Terms and Conditions and it turns out to be a huge mistake.  They skipped over them and just hit Agree to the T&C.  But as it turned out, by doing that, they consent to being part of a hideous experiment by Apple (it’s really, really gross).

Not only that, but Apple execs insist that you can’t agree to the T&C by accident.  They have a failsafe – after you click Agree, another popup appears saying “Are you sure?”

But, hidden in the T&C, it does say that by agreeing to them, you agree to opt-in to these horrible experiments.  It all just goes to show you that if you don’t read the terms (which is preposterous), you could be opting in to something you don’t care to do.


Incidentally, early in the episode, Kyle’s father says that he never worries about being tracked… he has a PC.  I thought that was funny.

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