Google rolls out multiple account sign-in

Google has just begun rolling out multiple account sign-in, that is, the ability to login to one of your Google services and have that scale across all Google services.  For example, today when I sign into my iGoogle account, if I then go to Google Analytics, I have to login again even though I am using the same username and password.  It’s kind of odd.

For ages, Google power users have been lusting after a multiple account sign-in option. Many of us have at least two accounts with Big G, after all, and while it's easy enough to fudge your way through logging in to them all (say, via your browser's normal and private browsing mode side-by-side), it would be oh so nice if you didn't have to.

If you've been waiting for a simpler, official method you're in lucky. Google has begun rolling out multiple sign-in support, and you should be able to activate it soon on your account settings page.

I bring this up not because it’s related to spam per se, or even security.  However, if you recall back in January when Google was hacked and the attack was traced back to hackers in China, they stole some code related to Gaia, which was Google’s Single-Sign On Solution.  I don’t know if this release is the same thing but it sure sounds like it.

I just think that it’s kind of neat how this thing is now being released 7 months later.  Baidu hasn’t released anything like this yet (to my knowledge), maybe eventually it will show up.  If it did, what are the odds that Google will cry foul?  And if they do, will anyone (with the power to do anything) care?

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  1. I have try these. Very interesting feature. But it require extra attention.

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