Latest Facebook scamming

The other day on Facebook, I saw that one of my friends like a very bizarre page:


Right off the bat, I kind of figured that this was a scam.  Or a link to malware, or something.  All those xxx’s was my first clue, and the misspelling of Facebook (fafebook) was another, and the fact that it led to a .info.  However, being that I currently have writer’s block and need some new material for my blog, I decided to follow the link and see where it went to.  What scam of the day could be on here?


Ah, well this explains it.  This is the same old social engineering scam that always goes around and borrows from reputation hijacking:

  • It has the Facebook color scheme that gets you to verify your IQ and your age.
  • It has an invitation-to-treat that says that you are about to view adult-oriented material, which probably means explicit material.
  • The United States government logos are a nice touch… but not really necessary.

At this point I stopped bothering clicking through the links because I know where it’s headed; a drive-by download or something similar, or a link to spam, or something.  My bet is that it’s malware but I didn’t bother going all the way through.

Of course, the fact that I now clicked on the link now has it showing up in my Facebook Friends’ newsfeed.  Apparently, I now like the xxx link.  I know this because a friend pinged me this morning alerting me to the fact that this occurs.  So, if you click on this link, my friends, you will automatically like this link and it will show up in your Friends’ newsfeed.  And, you won’t have the excuse that I have that you are a security researcher and you are following the page out of boredom or (professional) curiosity.  In fact, you will be spreading possible malware (I deserve a slap on the wrist, methinks).

Facebook will eventually move to shut this down and remove it from showing up in others feeds.

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