What’s waledac up to these days?

Just for the fun of it, I decided to check some statistics on the waledac botnet.  I got the total number of distinct IPs sending us spam and broke them out by how much spam they were sending us, by country, for Oct 22, 2009.  Below are the results.


What’s interesting about this list of countries is the following:

  1. China is nowhere on the top 10.  It’s not even on the top 20.  In fact, it comes in at #35.  For a country that has the second most amount of spams sent, by total volume and by total number of distinct IPs, it has proven itself to be fairly resilient against the waledac botnet.  To clarify that, I don’t mean that China is resistant so much as I mean that spammers/malware authors do not have as large a footprint in China as they do in the western world.

  2. The one surprise entry on this list is #4, Saudi Arabia.  What?  Saudi Arabia is on this list?  What’s that all about?  Saudi Arabia is not one of the bigger spam problem countries that we see, but nearly 1/10 spams sent to us by waledac yesterday came from there.  I’m not sure what the deal is here but it certainly is unusual.
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