Nice try, moron spammer-bots

A few weeks ago, I changed my Comment posting policy to disable anonymous comments.  Since I have done that, the amount of comment spam I get has dropped to zero.  Before, I used to get tons of it.

Unfortunately, there was no facility to disable anonymous feedback.  Bots would send me piles of feedback every day that would pollute my junk mail folder.  At first I was glad that it was going there, but soon I was getting hundreds per day.  It’s tough to go through my JMF when there are so many irritating spam messages all looking nearly the same and adding nothing of value (I like to see what types of spam our content filter catches).

So, I decided to fight back.

I asked our spam team to create a spam rule that targets the type of comment/feedback spam that these spammers were doing.  They were always putting a certain pattern into the subject line, and then another tag is inserted into the subject line of the email by the blog software when it sends the email.  The spam team wrote a rule that targets the specific tag and the spam pattern and scored the rule very high.  So high, in fact, that it exceeds our delete threshold for spam.  This is a threshold that none of our spam rules hit since I don’t believe in silent drop.  However, for this case I will make an exception.  I was so sick and tired of seeing all this spam that we created a very narrow spam rule that gets rid of this stuff for me personally.

I’m reasonably certain that this rule will not cause false positives; but if it does, send me mail again and change up your subject line.

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