A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how a couple of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University broke the code for assigning Social Security numbers.  Using an algorithm, they were able to predict about 5-10% of the time what your number was given a certain set of information.

I decided to research and play with this a little bit and test it out.  Below is video evidence that these numbers are not secure at all.  There are no stooges and no pre-show work; what you see on the video is exactly what you would see in person.

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  1. planetmike says:

    Hi, What’s up with not embedding the YouTube video, and doing a screen capture as a link to the YouTube site? I came here via your RSS feed. By the way, under the YouTube image screen capture were a bunch of broken html tags, Vparam, Vembed, Vobject, Vdiv, and an alt tag.

  2. tzink says:

    It’s broken in the RSS feed so I updated the post and posted a direct link to the video.

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