Upcoming Conference – Virus Bulletin

In two months, on September 23-25, 2009, Virus Bulletin is having its annual conference.  This year, it will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland.

What is so special about this year's conference?  Well, I am going to be one of the speakers on the corporate stream on Thursday, September 24 in the afternoon.  The title of my talk is "How to Reclaim Your Sender Reputation."  It's essentially going to be the story of how my division within Microsoft struggled to get control over the amount of outbound spam we receive, how we mitigate it and how we monitor it.

I am not going under any official Microsoft capacity; I'm going as a guy who works for Microsoft and I am footing the cost of travel myself.  So, the talk will contain more of my theoretical work and monitoring that we have set up ad hoc to make it easier for us to detect all of our outbound spam.  I decided that since we have spent 18 months working on this, constantly refining it, it is a fitting topic since it was the number 1 customer complaint about a year ago.

Should be a good discussion.


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