Argh! More annoyances!

You know, it's bad enough that these fracking Twitter spammers are polluting my Twitter following count (inflating it from zero to three).  I went and checked out the page that they redirect to and when I type into the address bar to navigate away from the page, I cannot!  Observe the sequence:

  1. I go to the web page and decide to navigate away.  I hit Ctrl + L to get to the address bar of my browser.

  2. I type in and hit Enter.
  3. I see the following popup:


  4. I hit Cancel which takes me back to the spam page.  My navigation failed.  I didn't read the pop-up very closely so I went back to the previous page.  In fact, I didn't read this pop-up at all and assumed that the OK meant I wanted to buy into this stupid offer.
  5. I do this a couple of times, not hitting OK and instead hitting Cancel, each time going back to the spam landing page.  Finally, I actually read this stupid pop-up (and who actually does this in real life?) and assume that hitting OK will direct me to MSN.  It does.  I have escaped the spammy page.

I find it very annoying when I try to navigate away from something and then I'm caught with a "Wait!  Don't go!  We'll throw in this special offer!"  If I take the time to hit Ctrl + L to get to the address bar (which doesn't work in IE8, btw, but I can't remember that program's shortcut sequence) then don't bug me with pop-ups.  I'm sure I want to go, that's why I took the time to manually type in a URL.

Stupid spammers.

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