KnujOn’s list of top ten friendly spam registrars

Spam Fighting organization KnujOn (pronounced new-jon, or No Junk backwards) is a small company dedicated to going after and exposing spam friendly registrars.

When you're a spammer and you need to register a new domain, you go to a registrar.  GoDaddy is an example.  Because spammers tend to register many different domain names in the hope of evading antispam detection software, they can be very lucrative customers for the registrars.  According to KnujOn, below are the top ten worst offending registrars for hosting spammy URLs:

  1. Xinnet
  2. eNom
  3. Network Solutions
  5. Planetonline
  6. RegTime
  7. OnlineNIC
  8. SpotDomains
  9. Wild West Domains
  10. Hichina Web Solutions

Lists like these are useful for reputation filtering.  If some registrars register almost nothing but spammy domains, then all you have to do is find out what URLs they register on a daily basis and pre-emptively block them all.  It's based on the idea that these guys host nothing but spammers.

Of course, there is some risk associated with this.  Network Solutions does have some legitimate businesses that they host.  But others do not.  The key would be to find out not only the highest offending registrars but what proportion of domains they list turn out to be abusive.  In that way, pre-emptive could be taken with lower risk.

See KnujOn's full article here.

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  1. alex45 says:

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  2. Doug says:

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Network Solutions is No. 3 on the list. Otherwise great job Terry! Keep it up!

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