Infection rates by country

Continuing on in my theme of picking interesting pieces of data from Microsoft's latest Security and Intelligence Report (of which I am a credited author), I thought I'd take a look at where malware infected computers are most likely.  Below is a picture of the distribution of infected hosts:


That little blurb at the bottom says "This map illustrates the relative infection rates of differing regions based on the number of infected computers discovered per 1000 executions of the MSRT.  For example, a region colored yellow would have an infection rate of 7-8 computers per 1000 executions of MSRT."

As a general rule, infection rates tend to be higher in developing locations than in developed locations (although the United States and France are among the worst in the developed world).  If we can extrapolate a trend here, comparing the locations on the low-infection list to those on the high-infection list suggests an inverse correlation between infection rates and measurements of computer usage as cited by the CIA World Fact Book.


Rough Translation: the more familiar with computers your user base is, the less likely they are to have their systems infected with malware.

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