Oh, how the mighty have fallen

A few months ago, Yahoo rebuffed Microsoft's attempt to purchase it.  Now, this morning, I come across the following story:

Now that quasi-white knight Google  is out of the picture, Yahoo co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang has some advice for Microsoft: “To this day, I believe the best thing for Microsoft to do is to buy Yahoo.” Yang was the evening headliner for Web 2.0 in San Francisco, interviewed by John Battelle...

You may recall that Yang and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer still disagree about how their talks fell apart the last time, with Ballmer saying he withdrew at $33 when Yahoo and Yang said they wanted $37 per share. Both numbers seem incredibly remote given today’s close of $13.92.

You had better believe that both numbers seem incredibly remote given today's close for Yahoo is $13.92.

Do you remember that episode on the Simpsons where Homer quits his job to become a pin jockey at a bowling alley?  And on the way out the door from the nuclear power plant, he takes Mr. Burns on a ride around the plant, tapping on his head like a bongo drum?  And then later on, Homer has to literally get down on his hands and knees through a little door flap and ask Mr. Burns for his job back? And Burns says "So, come crawling back, eh?"

If I were Steve Ballmer, I'd make Jerry Yang do the same thing.

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